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The positive actions we take today,

create the positive future we dream of.

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Our Mission

Our mission is two fold:

1. To ease the suffering of our fellow human beings,

by helping those in greatest need.

2. To create opportunities for children of all ages to engage in

acts of compassion so we can create a kinder future.


We may be young, but the impact of our consistent action

and dedication can literally change the world.

Our Services
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Support Us

Bags of Kindness

Fund a bag of kindness to help provide the essentials to those in need.  Covering the basic necessities helps to slowly lift up those who are struggling the most in society by providing essentials so they can begin to take care of themselves.  Children are able to take part in the giving by assembling bags as a communinty.

Christmas Stockings

Share a gift of love so everyone has a gift to  wake up to on Christmas morning. Please help us fill stockings and hearts this holiday season by providing essentials as well as hope to many who may feel forgotten this holiday season.  These are our normal bags of kindness, but in a Christmas stocking for the holidays.

Donate Monthly

Regular contributions of funds allows for greater growth and possibilities.  Become a regular donor to help support our non-profit to grow, reach more people, inspire more children to help serve and create programs that match our desire and dedication to make a difference in the world.  These funds will support and contribute our larger projects that are being built!

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“Compassion means that you do something to alleviate the suffering of another”

GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui



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