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Spread Compassion Near You

Kids with Compassionate Hearts wants to help support you, your children and your schools to increase our capacity to give.  We have set up a structure to duplicate our efforts in your areas by following some simple steps.

  • Start a group of friends to assemble bags of kindness

  • Organize a supply drive at your local school to collect items for bags of kindness

  • Find local charity to donate Christmas Stockings

Other Ideas and Suggestions

Your heart is your compass when trying to navigate acts of compassion.  Where is your heart longing to make a difference?  What are your children interested in?  Here are some suggestions for increasing kindness and acts of compassion in your area:

  • Bring food to a local animal shelter

  • Spend time playing with shelter animals

  • Read to Shelter Pets

  • Bring paintings/ drawings and pass them out at an elderly home

  • Bring flowers, chocolate, etc. to an elderly home

  • Offer food, coffee or small items to homeless on the street

  • involve children in purchasing items of food or supplies for those in need

  • Donate to an area where they may be struggling (Help those who suffer from our same situation).

  • Donate books to nursery schools.

  • Donate sports supplies to schools in need.

Organizations that we support and are doing good in the world

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