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Our First step is to plant the seeds of kindness in our children to grow the desire to make the world a better place.  As we provide essential needs to those struggling, we slowly lift those who need our help, as well as grow the desire in those who are able to help.

This is a two way effort.

Grow the desire to help and facilitate the assistance needed.

Grow the desires

to match the 


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Acts of Kindness - Provide Basic Human Needs

To help provide the basic needs like food and necessities to someone in need is not only a gift but an obligation.  We cannot grow and heal, without helping others grow and heal. Learning this essential life supporting concept young plants the seeds of lasting contribution to not only ones own happiness, but the support and growth of the wellbeing of our city, our country and our world.  

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Prepare for our vision

When our basic needs are met on a regular basis, strength is built to move forward to something better.  Our vision is to erradicate homelessness by creating communities where homeless can help support themselves and others through communale living.  These would be safe havens, as well as stepping stones for those who could re-enter society and eventually support themselves. Learning essential skills of living on their own, contributing to a greater community and become functioning members of society.

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